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Opening speech

  • Mme Christine Croisiaux - EBIS President Director of « La Braise » - Brussels (B)
  • Pr. Patrick Dehail - Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine University of Bordeaux (F)
  • Pr. Jean-Michel Mazaux - MD Professor of University - Bordeaux (F)


Moderator : Dr Wilbert GM Bakx - MD Consultant Senior en médecine de réhadapation, Head of Departement on Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Adelante Adult Rehabilitation, Member of Academic Departement on Rehabilitation Medecine, Maastricht University Medical Center, Faculty of Health, Medecine and Life sciences (NL)

Families’ testimonies from France

  • Patrick Birée, father and Johan Birée, son, Champion of France Handisport (F) «An injured family: 3 severe brain injured people.» Families’ testimonies from The Netherlands

Families'testimonies (the Netherlands).

  • Nathalie Sieben, MD, pathologist. (NL) «Involvement of an experience expert with ABI in a support group for ABI patients.»



«How to support families of ABI? When? How? Why? Point of view of families.»

  • Marie-Christine Cazals - Vice President UNAFTC (F) 



    Moderator : Dr Jean-Marc Destaillats - Psychiatrist, Physician MPR (F)


Situation in Finland

«Brain injury as a family matter - the patient and family together on a path from hospital to everyday life in Finland.»

  • Dr. Sanna Koskinen  - Clinical neuropsychologist (FN)


Situation in Italy

«Families support in acquired brain injury patients: Italian experience.»

  • Dr. Fransceca Chiavaroli - Department of Neuroscience and Rehabilitation San Giorgio Hospital, University of Ferrara (I)


Situation in Spain

«Information and support for families of brain injured people treated in the neurological rehabilitation hospital departments in Catalonia.»

  • Dr Immaculada Bori- Physician specialist of neurological rehabilitation- Head of Unit of Neurological rehabilitation Universitary hospital «Vall d’Hebron». Barcelona (E)

    Powerpoint (PDF)



Situation in Switzerland

«Families, brain injured people: the importance of the support and the services of FRAGILE Suisse».

  • Christine Jayet-Ryser - Psychologist «Fragile Suisse Association» (SW)
  • Powerpoint (PDF)


Situation in the Netherlands

  • Dr. Wilbert G.M. Bakx - MD consultant in rehabilitation medicines NL)


    Moderator : Dr. Odile Kozlowski- MPR Physician « TC AVC 59/62 » Network, CHRU Lille and AUPRES TC Service. Secretary of France Traumatisme Crânien (F)

Situation in Great-Britain

«A family systems approach to neurorehabilitation.»

  • Dr. Vicki Hall - Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Neuromindworks Director (GB)

Presentation of the theoretical bases of the neurosystemical approach.

Presentation of the main ideas issued from the workshops (Bordeaux and Brussels- 2013, 2015).


Neurosystemical expérience in France - Team of Bordeaux (F)


Neurosystemical expérience in Belgium - La Braise - Bruxelles (B)



Pr. Jean-Michel Mazaux - Médecin MPR (F)